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All About the NEURONproject

The NEURONproject (Neurosurgical Education with Universal Reach ONline), is a non-profit venture that provides a versatile online education hub focused on training surgical residents and physicians in LMIC. Since its inception in 2013, the NEURONproject has been able to facilitate education of neurosurgery residents internationally including several countries worldwide. The use of this structured online platform has proven to establish a long-term, sustainable avenue that overcomes geographic limitations to facilitate surgical education and partnerships.

The NEURONproject platform consists of structured didactic eLearning courses. The curriculum and course design are carried out in collaboration with each site and local faculty. The digital platform offers an interactive learning environment which include lectures, case discussion forums and repository for material such as journal articles, books and PDF files. These courses recognize the value of faculty participation and interaction with learners and includes this as a key part of the curriculum.

This approach has been able to integrate itself into modern surgical education, adapt to local needs, and foster independent growth within global neurosurgical programs.

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