About Us

Surgery has been a long neglected sector of global public health. The poorest third of the world receives only 3.5% of total surgeries worldwide, despite having very large populations.

Our pilot programs begin in Africa. This region truly emphasizes the disparity of neurosurgical care that exists globally. In East Africa, it is estimated that there is around 1 neurosurgeon per 10 million people. The lack of neurosurgeons makes even common cases such as infant hydrocephalus difficult to treat. To put this in the scale of a country, Tanzania’s population exceeds 41 million people, but there are only 3 fully trained neurosurgeons to care for them. These poor neurosurgical conditions are common across East Africa.

However, the number of neurosurgeons is not the only problem. One of these barriers is education. Strengthening current neurosurgical capacity will lead to better sugical care.  Addressing this issue is where NEURONproject can begin to help. NEURONproject utilizes novel technology to aid teaching of neurosurgical concepts.

The NEURONproject is a Moodle-based teaching program which allows us to share neurosurgical knowledge and techniques with ease. Our hope is that the NEURONproject will be the stepping stone that connects neurosurgeons around the world.