Dr. Mojgan Hodaie

Staff Neurosurgeon

Dr. Mojgan Hodaie is staff neurosurgeon at the Toronto Western Hospital with subspecialty training in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery and the surgical co-director of the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Family Gamma Knife Centre at the Toronto Western Hospital. Dr. Hodaie has also a strong interest in international neurosurgical education, and has spearheaded a number of projects in the field, addressing strategies to strengthen neurosurgical capacity in low and middle income countries. She is a member of the executive board of the Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery (FIENS) and the founder of NEURONproject.


Joao Paula Almeida, M.D

Clinical Fellow

Neuro-Oncology / Skull Base Surgery
Division of Neurosurgery
Toronto Western Hospital
University of Toronto


 Adnan Waheed

Research Analyst

Adnan has been working as a research analyst at Dr. Hodaie’s lab. His strong interest in neuroscience, psychology and initiatives in improving health in low income countries has led him to join NEURONproject. He completed his Honour’s B.Sc in neuroscience and psychology at the University of Toronto. He also completed MD program at Windsor University School of Medicine.


Dr. David Cadotte

Neurosurgery Resident

Dr. David Cadotte completed medical school and is currently a resident in the Division of Neurosurgery at the University of Toronto. He is concurrently enrolled in the PhD program at the Institute of Medical Science and the Surgeon Scientist Program at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Cadotte completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario with an emphasis on protein biochemistry. He later applied this knowledge by using immunohistochemistry techniques to study plasticity within the hippocampus and the effects of lithium on mossy fiber sprouting, obtaining a Masters of Science degree under the supervision of Dr. L.T. Young at McMaster University.

Dr. Alireza Mansouri

Neurosurgery Resident

Dr. Alireza Mansouri is 5th year Neurosurgery resident, interested in oncology as a subspecialty. He is very much interested in international neurosurgery as well, having been to Kijabe (Kenya) twice for short neurosurgical rotations. Together with the residents there, Dr. Mansouri established weekly online connections to broadcast lectures from Toronto to Kijabe. Dr. Mansouri involved with the early stages of the online forum for neurosurgical residents in Cambodia.



Dr. Anick Nater

Neurosurgery Resident

Dr. Anick Nater entered the Neurosurgery residency program at the University of Toronto in July 2010. Currently enrolled in a full-time PhD degree program at the University of Toronto, her research focus is on metastatic spinal cord compression.

Dr. Nater is a graduate at the Université de Sherbrooke medical school. She completed Nephrology, Infectious Disease, Neurosurgery, and Neurology clinical electives at various hospitals in Quebec, such as University of Sherbrooke Hospital Center, Chicoutimi Hospital, and University of Montreal Hospital Center. Furthermore, she has volunteered at the Neurosurgery Departments at both Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus and Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, and has clinical experience from the Kabutare District Hospital in Butare, Rwanda.

Dr. George Ibrahim

Neurosurgery Resident

Dr. George Ibrahim received his BSc from Queens University in biochemistry. He is a graduate of the University of Calgary medical school. He has received numerous awards in medical school. He has performed primary research with his supervisors in glioma immunology, and published in journals including Anticancer Research and Neuro-oncology. His interests include functional brain imaging. He enjoys languages, and is proficient in French, Spanish, German, and Arabic.



Dr. Ilia Bernstein

Research Analyst

Ilia Berstein is working with Dr. Hodaie at the Toronto Western hospital. He completed his Honour’s B.Sc at the University of Toronto in Neuroscience. Additionally, Ilia has also completed his medical degree at the University of Limerick. His passion in improving global health services and accessibility to medical care has led him to the NEURONproject initiative.


Philip Yee

Medical Student

Philip Yee is a second year medical student at the University of Toronto. His experience stems from teaching assistantships at the University of Waterloo and BIHE. As part of NEURONproject, he is a teaching assistant and provides technical support for online courses that aim to increase access of neurosurgical education.



Elie Sader

Medical Student

Elie Sader is a second year medical student at the University of Toronto. He has a background in basic neuroscience, and a strong interest in functional neurosurgery. Elie started working on NEURONproject as part of his Determinants of Community Health (DOCH) project, which has led to growing interest in global surgery.